Moving away from the “opposites attract” idea could lead you to your ideal mate

By: Taren Vaughan

Now the saying goes, “Behind every good man there’s a good woman.” But what about a woman that is her man’s equal?

She is just as ambitious and intelligent as he is. In everything that she does, she give 110%. She is pretty fabulous indeed. No longer can she stand behind her man. She stands beside him. This is what the ideal couple should consist of. But for many relationships, that is not the case.

Often times, good men and women have a very hard time finding each other. Ironically, they have a much easier time finding the wrong people. They get involved with these individuals and find themselves in unhealthy situations. Sometimes we have to get to the point where we say to ourselves, “It’s time to search for someone of my character”.

I had a close friend of mine tell me one day, “Taren, you need to find someone of your yolk.” I really started to think about what he said and it made sense. People need to start searching for partners that value the same things that they value. You should look for someone who has the same kind of drive that you do. There are occasions where individuals with different personalities are attracted to each other but as we mature, the whole “opposites attract” theory tends to fade. Many people still believe in that theory. There are people out there who purposely try to find someone that is their total opposite.

We do that for many reasons. Some people like the thrill of being with someone who is nothing like them at all. But you really have to consider how long the thrill will last.

So do you and your significant other have to have identical personalities?

Having differences in personalities can be a positive thing. It can make the relationship exciting and interesting. But when you and a person are severely lacking in similarities, it may be time to call it a quits.

If you have very little in common with your significant other, how far can the relationship really go?

When it comes down to it, a person should want to be with someone who shares their same moral values. A supportive individual who will be there for you at all times. Most of all, you want to be confident that if you fall short, your significant other can hold everything together. So to all the good men and women out there, stay positive. You will eventually find each other one day.