Attorney General Thurbert Baker refuses to file suit against Federal Government over health care bill.

By: Amanda Anderson

A little after a week since the passing of the Health Care bill, members of the Republican party are still plotting ways to “stop” the bill that they are very much against. All over the country, Republicans are attempting to sue the federal government over the constitutionality of the bill. The Republicans believe that it is unconstitutional to require Americans to purchase health care.

Governor Sonny Perdue (Georgia) plans to follow his party, however, he can’t seem to get Attorney General Thurbert Baker to hop on board. Baker has refused to take any part in the suit against the federal government. Baker won’t support Perdue’s decision because he (and others) feels it will be a waste of the tax payer’s dollars.

Baker stated in a letter written to Perdue:

“I cannot in good conscience file a lawsuit against the United States that I
believe has little or no chance of success and will undoubtedly consume
significant state resources in a time of severe budgetary crisis.”

Although most legal experts claim that the Republicans have no chance of making the lawsuits stick, the Republicans intend to move forward with their plan. While most pundits read the suits merely as pathetic political stunts, it is clear that Purdue will continue with the suit without the aid of Baker. The Governor is said to be considering using a “special Attorney General” to file the suit.

While Baker may just be loyal to the Democratic Party, critics suggest that he is also calculating his own political strategies as he is running for Governor of Georgia.

Only time will tell whether Baker has taken the right side of this political battle that has an entire nation divided.