Singer Monica finally addresses rumored Beyonce beef.

By: Amanda Anderson

For years now, people in the industry have been whispering that Monica doesn’t have much love for fellow R&B singer Beyonce. These rumors stem back from the days of Destiny’s Child, and haven’t managed to quiet down in Beyonce’s years as a solo artist.

Apparently, after being asked one too many times on how she really feels about Beyonce, Monica decided to take to her Twitter account to silence the beef rumors once and for all.

Peep the tweets:

I had no idea that Monica and Beyonce have known each other since they were kids. Let the blogs tell it, these two hate each other. And according to some of Monica’s recent tweets, she just had a chit chat with Beyonce a couple days ago.

It’s good to know that all the females in the business don’t really hate each other like the blogs would make us believe.

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