Are you worth more than casual sex?

By: Amanda Anderson

We are living in a world fueled completely by the physical. Despite the economic recession, the plastic surgery industry is still ranking in billions; women and men feel pressured to find partners of perfect stature and stellar physique; and we are having sex much younger with the arrival of each new generation. We no longer believe in patience since the world around us is driven by technology that makes everything faster and more efficient. Although these may be the circumstances, have we forgotten the seriousness of sex, or are we really just products of a society that pushes the casualty of sex so far that we believe it?

I believe every human being on this planet loves sex. We are sexual beings created with a strong desire for partnership. This urge drives us into relationships, marriages, and even broken hearts. While there may be someone who is content in the single life, deep down inside, they too yearn for the intimacy of a healthy relationship.

We all want love and intimacy, but why the rush?

Rushing always leads to trouble. We rush into careers and end up in fields that we absolutely hate. We rush into relationships and end up in some of the most poisonous relationships. We rush into sex and end up with so many regrets.

And ultimately, regret leads to devastation. And fueled by enough pain, devastation leads to the destruction to all those involved.

If there are so many consequences of rushing into sex and treating sex so casually, why do so many of us continue to become physical way too soon?

What is the harm in getting to know someone before you become involved with them physically? As a real woman, you are most certainly worth the wait. If you establish a commitment before you engage in sex, you could save yourself a lot of tears later.

It all comes down to how you really feel about your body and how you really feel about sex. Women are taking control of their lives and making their own choices on what kind of relationships they desire from potential partners. Sure we have the freedom to do whatever we like, but our lives are completely shaped by the choices that we make.

Do you want to be that casual affair or the one that men really want to establish something with?

The choice is yours.

Contrary to popular belief, the power lies at the feet of the woman. Rather you wait a few days, months, years, or until you see an altar; women set the tone for how they are treated.

Do what you feel is right for you and everyone will have to respect it.

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who is true to herself. She is not afraid to value herself, her body, and those that she loves.

Know your worth, even if someone else doesn’t. Eventually, they’ll discover it too by the choices that you ultimately make.