Beyonce gets heroic for upcoming commercial.

By: Amanda Anderson

Beyonce is still keeping busy, and back to shoot commercial these days only a couple months after announcing she would take a little break. The web went insane last night as pictures were released from the set of an upcoming commercial Beyonce is shooting for C&A (which is an international chain of clothing stores). In the commercial, Beyonce plays a heroine who prefers physically challenging performances (isn’t that Beyonce in real life?).

Filmed in New York City, Beyonce’s smash hit ‘Single Ladies’ will be the featured song for the commercial.

The commercial is set to air May 27 Primetime on major networks.

Here are photos from the shoot:

The commercial looks like it’s going to be pretty fierce. And Sasha looks fabulous too. I know a lot of people want Beyonce to sit down and take a breather, but who would want to seriously quit doing what they love?