5 reasons you should forsake the nail salons.

By: Amanda Anderson

We have all been victims of the addiction. Who hasn’t spent more money than they could afford to keep their nails in top condition? Nails are one of the crucial aspects to a woman’s beauty regime. And in a world that is so focused on a woman’s looks and charm; no woman wants to walk around with a set of unflattering nails. So it’s perfectly acceptable to want to rock beautiful nails in addition to having the flyest wardrobe ever. The only thing you should reconsider is how you choose to maintain a beautiful set of nails. Should you continue to be a nail salon junkie and spend thousands of dollars on fake nails and sloppy manicures or should you take matters into your own hands (literally) and become your own nail technician?

Before you tell me I am crazy to tell you to forsake the nail salon, here are few reasons that I may be a little more sane than you would like to admit.

1. The amount of money you could save is mind blowing.

When you think about the costs of maintaining beautiful nails, the numbers are a little shameful. To get a full set of acrylic nails, you will have to spend at least $20. Fill-ins which will be needed at the maximum every two weeks, will run you around $15. And that’s not factoring nail repair (which you will need), that can run you anywhere for $7 to $10 per nail.

Pedicures are steeper, with them usually ranging around $30. There are some women who only get these occasionally, but there are some that get pedicures every two weeks.

If you factor in all these costs, it’s easy to spend at least $100 a month just on your nails. And if you do this each month, that is a whopping $1200 a year for nails.

If you wear your natural nails, you could paint your own nails and do your own manicures. Manicure sets and polishes can be found in any drug stores for a little under $10. These sets last for months, and can keep you from spending lots of money in the salons. Not to mention, natural nails don’t require fill-ins since there are numerous polishes on the market that can protect and naturally thicken nails.

I haven’t taken a trip to a nail salon in years and I always get complimented on my natural nails that I do myself. It’s a short learning curve that can save you lots of money.

2. You may be the topic of discussion in your favorite nail salon, and not even know it.

Let’s have some honest girl talk here. Most nail salons aren’t run by people that look like us. Now that doesn’t mean that other businesses don’t deserve our services, but there have been plenty of times when I had to questioned what my nail technician was really saying about me in her native language. It’s a very uncomfortable situation, and frankly, it makes the trip to the nail salon a lot more unappealing. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to hand over my money to someone who isn’t necessarily giving me the best customer service.

3. The health risks aren’t worth it.

Ever noticed that your favorite and trusted nail technician has a mask over her face, but you’re just sitting there inhaling all the toxic fumes she’s chosen to avoid? Yeah, that’s definitely a signal that you are in a place that isn’t necessarily good for your health.

Research shows that some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet are found in most nail salons. Inhaling these fumes can cause health defects such as cancer and even cause defects in pregnancy. To put it short, it’s not safe for anyone to inhale these products. That’s why your nail technician was smart enough to keep her face covered. So maybe you should be smart enough to skip the nail trip, unless you too plan on wearing a mask on your next visit.

4. Your real nails hate the products you’re using.

Even if you opt to use fake nails instead of relying on your natural nails, the damage that you can cause your real nails just isn’t worth the trip to the nail salon. A lot of nail salons are not necessarily hygienic when it comes to nail equipment, and they do not keep their tools properly cleaned. There have been many cases of nail shop enthusiasts getting a nasty case of nail fungus. It is an itchy and painful type of fungus that has to be treated medically.

5. It’s an ego boost to do your own nails.

Maybe I’m just a little bit on the vain side, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear someone compliment me on my nails. When you do your own nails, you will gradually get better after each time. Next thing you know, you’ll be doing your own manicures and pedicures. And don’t tell me you won’t feel a little diva knowing that you did own nails.

I gave you five reasons to skip the nail salon, but ultimately, it will take time to get used to doing your own nails. The best way to start is to master a simple polish. It may take a few trials and errors to find a nail polish brand that you like, but when you do, you will easily have some of the most beautiful nails that any one has ever seen. Next you can learn how to do your own manicures, and eventually do your own pedicures. There are so many products (some without toxins) and gadgets (there are at home pedicure stations) that you can use to make your nails look as if you never gave up the professional visits.

When you think back on how much money you could save, it makes the learning curve a lot less painful and totally worth it.