Nicki Minaj makes history without an album.

By: Amanda Anderson

If you thought Nicki Minaj wouldn’t get any further than the urban gossip blogs, you might want to re-evaluate your thinking. Not only is the Head Barbie nabbing awards without even releasing a debut album, she is now climbing the charts and breaking records in the process. Sad to say, these are records that the Queen B herself couldn’t even break.

Nicki Minaj has now been crowned as the first female rapper to have a number one single (without a feature) on the Rap Songs category (Billboard charts) in over 7 years. Her single “Your Love” is really taking off, and she is doing all of this while her Hip-Hop phenom mentor, Lil’ Wayne, is in prison.

In fact, “Your Love” is the first record to top the charts since “Magic Stick” by Lil’Kim and 50 Cent.

And if that isn’t enough, she will be featured on one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year- Kanye’s Good Ass Job. And from what I’m hearing, the track is so dope that music heads are already buzzing about it and the album hasn’t even dropped yet.

In other news, Nicki Minaj’s debut album finally has a release date, and it will drop on November 23.

And if you think she plans on answering to any of those diss tracks floating around, here’s what she’d like to remind you:

“My diss record is my success rate, and how much I can charge to be somewhere for 30 minutes. That’s my diss record. The fact that I can pay your mortgage for a year in 30 minutes. That’s my diss record. That diss record makes everyone go ooooooh word Nicki went in! That’s all I need.”

It’s cool that Nicki has reached all this success without even having an album out, but yeah, I thought battling was part of Hip-Hop?