Funk Master Flex puts a little salt in the wound of Christina Milian’s recent split with The Dream.

By: Amanda Anderson

Funk Master Flex is known for having a big mouth. His big mouth has helped him become one of the most successful DJs ever known to Hip-Hop, and he is well respected when it comes to spinning records and getting the crowd hype. But now, he can add one more accomplishment to his well respected resume, and that’s Professional Bullying. In the midst of a messy break-up that began with leaks of The Dream frolicking around with his Personal Assistant of a couple years, Funk Master Flex found it necessary to humiliate Christina Milian even more.

And of course the spectacle occurred on Twitter, the cyber playground for Celebrity foolishness as of late.

Flex tweeted ‘Christina Milian is Finished out here…Dream just wrapped you up.’

Christina Milian defended herself and responded:

‘When will u just leave me alone and get a life? I swear all uve ever done is pick on me. What’s ur problem dude? Go away.’

Eventually Flex withdrew his childish attack, and issued an apology to Christina Milian via Twitter.

‘i was jokin. i will give you a break. wasnt personal. ps i dont agree with what the dream did. love to your little one.’

Milian responded with a simple ‘Thank you,’ although she wasn’t exaggerating when she said all Flex has ever done is pick on her. Last year, here’s what Flex revealed on Twitter:

‘Christina Milian has played herself as well.. When Dream kicks her to the curb… I’m going to seek and destroy.”

Seems like Funkmaster Flex wasn’t joking. I’m not sure why he has such an interest in a divorce that doesn’t really concern him, but the attack sure did make him look like an insensitive loser who feels the need to call out the victims instead of the dirty producer men who leave their wives for their sloppy assistants and raggedy side chicks.

I wish Christina Milian well through this divorce, but I can’t help but wonder what Nivea would have to say about all of this. Wasn’t she just there herself a little over a year ago?

For The Dream to call himself the “Love King,” he sure does lack class.