Professional athlete says not all athletes want groupies or white women…so stop stereotyping.

By: Amanda Anderson

As we continue to see groupies grace the red carpet with some of the most esteemed athletes, and most successful of Hip Hop artists, we’re forced to believe that maybe this is representation of the type of female these type of men prefer over real women. While I’ve explained why these types of men love groupies and rather put real women on the back burner, I did run into a professional athlete who finds my theory unfair. While I can’t give out his name, this young man is a rookie in the National Football League, and he’s about sick and tired of the bad rep that comes with being a professional athlete. During a great conversation, he felt the need to put it all on the table, and put women like yours truly in check for stereotyping.

Here’s what he had to say about professional athletes and groupies, white women, and why some professional athletes prefer real women over gold diggers.

“I am a black man and I also happen to be a professional athlete now. I’m happy to get a chance to do what I love and get paid well for it, but I don’t like the label that comes with the job. It’s like as soon as I got drafted, black women started labeling me a some groupie chasing d–k head. I don’t understand the logic. Yeah, there are some athletes who get it in with groupies, but there are also some out there that don’t. Groupies don’t have a chance with these guys and they go home to their wives and girlfriends because they rather have something real. All men ain’t dogs, and all athletes ain’t hoes.

Why do the good guys always have to suffer for the bad guys?

And black women don’t understand that the whole stereotyping thing really pushes men away. And what is all this about black athletes only want white women? Everyone has different values, different backgrounds, and not all of us see white women as trophies. I want a black woman. In fact, I plan to marry a black woman with a good head on her shoulders; that’s just how I was raised.

Black women push some of us away because of our jobs, but get mad when someone gets with a woman of a different race. It doesn’t make any sense. You can’t judge me based off what some other guy did.

I’m just trying to say that all men are not dogs. And all successful black men don’t run out and get white women. There’s a lot of us left that love sisters. Stop stereotyping us and judge me by my character, and not by what the last guy did or what you see on the blogs.”