In fashion, know the difference between sexy and slutty.

By: Amanda Anderson

Fashion is all about self expression. We select garments based not only off our needs, but based off our emotions. There’s the perfect outfit for every occasion and the perfect dress for just about any emotion. Rather it’s a freak um dress for a misbehaving boyfriend, break up survival pumps versus a bowl of ice cream, or handbags to show off your inner diva; women have been using fashion to relay messages for centuries. So when a woman wants to be sexy, she’ll most likely start with her wardrobe first. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a little sex appeal, but many times, we as women go overboard and cross over into slutty territory. If sexy is what you want to achieve without compromising class, here are a few tips to make your fashion sexy, and not slutty.

1. Know the rules of the short skirt.

Who doesn’t love a fabulous short skirt? They can be uber stylish and perfect for a night out on the town, but they are also known for making the classiest of women look slutty if they aren’t worn well. If you opt for a short skirt, you may not want to combine it with a cleavage revealing top. The rule in tasteful fashion is you can wear the cleavage revealing top with conservative bottoms, and you can wear a short skirt with a more conservative top. In essence, if you wear a short skirt with your boobies exposed to the public, chances are you don’t look much different from a prostitute. Sounds harsh, but that is a hooker’s outfit of choice. So keep it simple, and show off those gorgeous legs, or those gorgeous boobs. But exposing both is right in line with slutty fashion.

Also, if your short skirt doesn’t do a good job of covering up your panties, you may want to reconsider wearing that skirt. It’s nothing classy about walking around with your panties on front display. And it’s definitely not sexy to have to spend the entire evening continuously pulling your skirt down. Choose a length that respects your privacy and keeps you classy, not classless.

2. Thongs and bra straps are not meant to make fashion statements.

Sisqo may have made a billboard topping ode to thongs a decade ago, but that definitely did not mean that thongs were meant to be fashion statements outside of the bedroom. If you’re walking around with your thong straps showing, you’ve misunderstood the whole concept of thongs. Thongs are a type of lingerie, and lingerie was always meant to be discrete and private.

And bra straps may not look as slutty as thong straps, but they do look trashy. There are plenty of strapless bras that provide amazing support, so there’s no need to reveal your bra strap to anyone willing to look. Wear the appropriate bra for your chosen top.

3. Vulgar Tshirts that applaud sluttiness are not funny, but classless.

Wearing suggestive tshirts that hint at your sexual accomplishments may generate a few laughs, but trust me when I say they will generate a lot more trouble. Like a label, people treat you how you treat yourself. If you wear a slutty Tshirt, expect to attract the men who have no problem treating you like the slut you’ve labeled yourself as on the tshirt.

4. Cleavage is fine, but too much is offensive.

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little cleavage (emphasis on the word little), but if you’re exposing too much breast, you’re no longer in the sexy territory. You my dear have walked right over to the dark side.

Of course it’s never good to show any nipple, but little to moderate is better when showing cleavage.

5. Know your Size, tight isn’t always sexy.

I know that we all love a great pair of skinny jeans and curve hugging dresses, but when it looks as if your outfit may be cutting off your blood circulation, you may not be practicing sexy fashion. Know your true size and pick garments that compliment your true body type. If your pants and dresses are too tight, you are most certainly giving off the wrong impression.

And it’s never fabulous to wear a tight Tshirt (or sweater) as a dress. No you can’t pull that off, and yes we can tell.

This is a sweater, not a dress.

Let’s wrap this up. Sexy is:

1. Showing off beautiful shoulders and wearing the appropriate lingerie underneath your garments.

2. Not wearing tshirts and child size sweaters as mini dresses.

3. Showing off a little cleavage or a little leg. Both is a no no.

4. As simple as an alluring pump or the right shade of red lipstick.

5. Showing off your back, without being damn near naked.

6. Confidence, not desperation. Confident women know less is more, while desperate women need to give peep shows to attract men.

You can be sexy, just remember that it’s not always about how much skin you show, but how you show it. Great sex appeal can be as simple as showing off your lovely shoulders or wearing a sexy pair of pumps, exposing a little back, or paying tribute to your gorgeous set of legs. It doesn’t take an excessive amount of cleavage, going commando in a short skirt, exposing thong straps, or any other distasteful method of “sexiness” that always ends up more ratchet than alluring.

And in most cases, sexy begins with an attitude. Confidence is evident with a woman who can still cover up and turn heads. While insecurity is evident with a woman who has to show off every asset she owns to make the lowest of men stare.