Drive your man crazy without relying on sex, by using a proven method: foreplay.

By: Amanda Anderson

For many years, foreplay has been mistakenly labeled as a woman’s subsitution to or pathway to great sex, and a man’s biggest annoyance and forced obligation in the realm of bedroom pleasures. It may seem logical that men prefer to jump right into the satin sheets and get right into the main event, but even a man, testicles and all, can appreciate a little passion before taking intimacy to the highest of levels with the one woman he simply adores, and desires in the most extreme sexual parodies. While the story in itself is up to the discretion of you and your lover, rather you decide on naughty, passionate, romantic, or kinky; every great love affair begins with the art of foreplay that was mastered between two people who see it for what it truly is…the daddy of all gateways.

Men and women are different in many ways sexually, but both can appreciate a partner that can provide their bodies with the utmost pleasure without the act of sex itself. By pleasing your partner with a series of touching the right spots, kissing the right places, and whispering the dirtiest of things; sex can finally become the grand event, instead of a tired routine.

Haven’t quite mastered the art of foreplay? Here’s the secrets to unlock the passion in the bedroom that you may have been missing.

1. Get visual and become a sight to see.

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures. Sight alone can stimulate a man sexually, and take his mind to places that involve you naked and helpless (and willing) to go along with his sexual antics.

While most women automatically reach for the lingerie or the nearest Victoria’s Secret when preparing the ultimate night of seduction, men on average believe a woman’s naked body is better than any expensive piece of lingerie you could your hands (or his hands) on.

Men adore a woman’s body, and can receive much stimulation for adoring ever curve and line of your figure. Sometimes we forget how gorgeous our body is when caught in a moment of passion, and find ourselves rushing straight to the lovemaking. Give your man enough time to enjoy the view, and the work of art he calls his woman.

2. Mind games aren’t always bad, in fact, they can be damn right sexy.

The secret’s out…yes, women love sex just as much as our penis equipped, testosterone driven counterparts. And since every woman knows this, it would be wise for you to use your love of sex to excite your man about sex.

With men, sometimes knowing that a woman wants them bad sexually, is enough to turn them on and put them in an anxious state. Sometimes dirty text messages and passionate letters are enough to keep you on his mind for the rest of the day, and when he finally sees you, he’ll erupt like a volcano. The dirtier, the better.

Tell him what you plan to do to him later.

3. It’s all in the kiss.

Who doesn’t love a deep, passionate, and sensual kiss in the right moment of passion?

When it comes to kissing, men prefer them wet and down right messy. Don’t hold back during foreplay, and pay careful attention to his bottom lip. A little bottom lip sucking will drive just about any man crazy.

4. Make him weak in the right places.

The most sensitive areas on a man’s body besides the penis are the ears, neck, chest, and back. Focus on every single one of these areas before sex, and watch the sex intensity increase.

For the ears, whisper dirty things to put him in a place of excitement. Light breathing in his ear is also a huge turn on to men. Do this before and during sex.

For the neck, licking, kissing, and biting your partner’s neck will be sure to entice them in a multitude of ways. Take advantage, and make the neck a staple in your foreplay routines.

Gentle kisses on the chest and back are sexy and passionate to the highest of levels.

When it comes to foreplay, sometimes a trip outside the box will pay off really big. Make it your mission to learn your man’s body, as he willingly learns the ins and outs of yours. Pay close attention to his body, and zoom in on the things that drive him crazy, and perfect each method.