Vibrators are considered harmless, but did you know that excessive use could cause some serious health problems?

By: Amanda Anderson
When we think of masturbation, for most women, it’s an off limit subject. Considered taboo in the African American community, and extremely sacred to the sisterhood; most women have no desire to admit that they please themselves sexually, and find a great deal of satisfaction in sexual independence. Any woman who’s managed to learn how to make herself climax in their privacy of her own home knows her body inside and out like no other, and can consider herself in charge of her own sex life. Besides a little embarrassment to those who may not be proud of their private sexual activities, there are greater problems that could lie ahead for those who rely on vibrators for their private sexual pleasures. And for some women, the cons outweigh the pros, and are down right scary.
If you’re overusing your vibrator, you could open up the door to some serious health problems. 
Here are the top symptoms of vibrator overuse.
1. Frequent urination.
Although only 30% of women complain of having side effects from vibrator use, most of them report that frequent urination became one of the first indicators that something was wrong. If you find yourself urinating every other hour, this could be a sign that you are using your vibrator too much.
2. Cramping and vaginal pain without being on menstrual cycle. 
When the clitoris nerves have been damaged, it is common for women to experience cramping and vaginal pain. Some women even report pain in the urethra. Pain in any of these areas is not normal, and requires immediate physician attention. 
3. Desensitized clitoris.
It’s no secret that women usually shoot for the clitoris and g spot during masturbation in order to achieve an orgasm, but if you’re relying too much on the vibrator, expect to damage your clitoris. If you are finding it difficult achieve a climax from the clitoris and are not able to receive the usual sensation, you are masturbating way too frequently. 
4. Trouble reaching orgasm or the loss of the ability to climax.
Vibrators are hugely popular in female masturbation since they help women quickly and easily reach climaxes, but overuse of a vibrator can cause a woman to temporarily, and even permanently, lose her ability to climax. If you don’t want to lose your orgasm, try not to overdo it with the vibrator.
Although research shows that 70% of women do not experience any problems from masturbation with vibrators, it’s always safer to make sure that you aren’t being excessive. The clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female body, so you must make sure that you are not causing any damage. Vibrations may offer quick pleasure, but it can take a toll on the body with extreme use. Exercise caution when relying on vibrators, and pay attention to any signs that your body could use a break.