Your questions, my answers. My goal is to keep you smart in your singlehood. Be warned, I won’t sugarcoat anything. It takes a bit of intelligence and wisdom to land real love…And a bit of fearlessness in a society too scared to have standards is the icing on the cake.

By: Amanda Anderson

Q. How long should a woman wait to become intimate with a man she’s kicking it with?

A. Define kicking it for me? If I’m not mistaken, kicking it means there’s no official label involved, and this man is nothing more than the boo, and someone you are currently spending most of your time with. This may include movie nights, fancy dinners, and even frequent conversations. I get it. You dig this man, and you’re hoping he’ll dig you enough to make this thing official…eventually.

But eventually ain’t now, and it’s eventually that gets most women in trouble, screwed, oh and screwed again with unanswered phonecalls.

Look, I know we live in a society that says promiscuous and un-commited sex is cool and fun and ish…but the truth is, it’s risky for a woman who is looking for more…eventually. If you know you want something real with this man, keep your panties above your knees until there is an established commitment, which includes a real title like boyfriend, fiance, hell, or even husband.

It’s nothing smart about giving up the goods to a man that isn’t even yours. Most women would have love right now if they weren’t too busy screwing nobodies and current boos. If he’s serious and worth your time, he’ll understand that you need more than meaningless sex, and yeah he’ll wait. If not, consider yourself lucky that a dog showed you his tail. Let him move on. Better her than you, right?