It’s amazing the things some women take pride in.

By: Amanda Anderson
How many times have we heard some women brag on their bobble-headin’, man taking capabilities? Now you know just exactly who I am referring to. They are usually very attractive women, career driven, extremely intelligent, go gettin’ sisters. But when it comes to men, they are nothing more than man snatching idiots. They see an accomplishment in taking men who have no faithful bone in their body, versus attracting men who have no priors, or commitment issues…which would actually be the smart thing to do.
These same women make the whole ordeal sport like, while keeping tabs on all the men they were able to snatch. They patronize the women they’ve scorned, and feel somehow validated by destroying relationships that aren’t their own. Indeed they have somehow convinced themseleves that man takin’ is some kind of fabulous, so much so they’d giggle at anyone smart enough to know better and then they cry jealousy.

“Don’t hate on me because I can take your man. Step your cookies up.”

Umm, what? If you can take him, I don’t want him. Men who lack self-control aren’t MY style.

But why should any woman be jealous of a woman who isn’t even smart enough to know what kind of men to pursue? She’s in pursuit of men who have already made it clear that commitment is not a subject they know very well. If this was some sort of competiton, I’d say she got snubbed, because that trophy she has her eyes on is already tarnished, and not even that hard to get.
Isn’t an accomplishment usually something that was hard to attain? What’s so hard about pulling a man who can’t even keep his penis in his pants?
He’s so easy, you could scoop him up while his girlfriend takes a trip to the bathroom. Don’t worry, someone else will scoop up your raggedy little trophy tomorrow at the mall. 
But any woman who doesn’t congratulate you on being a bobble head is jealous of you?
Some of us do have class…
And honestly, what’s to emmulate in a woman who has a nack for attracting men who will only be detracted by someone else later? They couldn’t even be faithful to their last girlfriend, so how the hell is he brag worthy or hate inspired? I’d be more jealous about a man that actually could be faithful, had a relationship with God, and respects relationships. It’s hard for me to get jealous of snatching up the typical booty chasing player. They come a dime a dozen, but that other guy, you know the faithful one, he’s like a rare metal, and I had to dig damn near my whole life to find him.
Did I mention he was print free, with no priors? Which means when I got him, he was fully mine?
Men like that are rare, and they can’t be taken because they believe in commitment. A relationship with God enforces monogamy in their lives, and self-control is something he practices daily.
Sorry, but you won’t scoop him up while his girlfriend looks the other way.
But you’d rather chase the men who can’t even stay faithful to the woman they are with now…are you sure you have haters? 
And why on Earth should I work towards becoming that kind of woman when she’s so pathetic she needs validation from destroying relationships and sleeping with d-ck happy men? I mean, it just seems like everyone has haters these days, and the truth is, not everone has something to be jealous of. And usually, those who warrant no kind of jealousy tend to think everyone wants to be like them.
Let me say it again…those that have no type of accomplishment to show for are the main ones talking about their haters. 
Is there anyone more delusional than the man takin’ sister? 
Man takin’ ain’t hard, yet some women brag on it like they just ran a 4K. You’re wheezing, and it wasn’t even that much work required. Rather it was you or some other confused sister with too much time on her hands, he was going to creep regardless. So just who are you trying to convince that you’re somehow special by pulling someone who lacks any kind of uniqueness…could it be, yourself?
Get a little self respect.
Every real woman doesn’t want something that’s already been had, claimed, and conquered. We also don’t want to be with men who can’t seem to handle committment, and require sideline sexin’.
The interesting thing about this particular behavior is that although these women can take a man, rarely do they have a man. Yeah, they can take one, but can’t keep one. They’ll end up single and in their 40s, still bragging on who they can take, although they are most likely to stay manless.
Turns out, man takin’ isn’t sexy or wifeable if you’re not a celebrity, and man takers aren’t worth more than no strings attached affairs. Some call it karma, but to me, it’s also a bit of mechanics. You see, no good woman wants anyone else’s man. Men know this, and they discard man takers like the bootycalls they usually are.
Sure, there’s an exception to every rule, but why waste time trying to be the exception when the man you’re pursuing isn’t even the exception his damn self? *Message*
And surely something nasty will eventually come to the heartless man taker, for no flaw in character will go unpunished.
It’s a new year, let’s pursue men worth pursuing, and run away from those that come with a nasty dose of reapin’ what you sow.
Momma said you lose them how you get them.
Now I’m not trying to persecute anyone, but I am trying to enlighten everyone. Love yourself enough to pursue a man that believes in commitment, and respects the basis of relationships. Because once we start making gems out of pebbles, not only do we miss out on the real value, but through all of that, we lose our value too. 
Be a better woman.