When you’re supposedly a heterosexual male, and you get caught receiving fellatio from a “chick” with a d-ck, perhaps it’s time to admit that you’re not as heterosexual as you thought you were. 

By: Amanda Anderson
The internet has been going crazy after reports surfaced that popular radio DJ and Hip Hop producer Mr. Cee was busted and arrested for receiving oral sex from a 20 year old tranny in his vehicle in broad daylight. Now while most disgruntled and down low celebrity men would say that didn’t know their secret lover was a man, Mr. Cee couldn’t use that tired excuse even if his life depended on it. Anybody, regardless of how poor their vision, could see damn near a mile away that homie has a penis. The story has been headlined as this 20 year old male is a transgendered man,  but honestly, he just looks like an openly gay man who’s already come to terms with his sexuality, while Mr. Cee has not. Now this isn’t to say that trans gendered men haven’t come to terms with their sexual preference, but I think it’s kind of ridiculous that we want to so quickly label a gay man that’s caught giving head on the side of the street to some “heterosexual” man as a transsexual, as if that celebrity was tricked into doing something that most of them have been doing in some hotel room for years.
Regardless of Mr. Cee’s continued denial of the incident (police records verify that this is not just a nasty rumor created by some DJ hater), the issue is just one of many unfortunate outing situations for black celebrity men. There’s probably a whole slew of rappers and actors that prefer sausage over a model chick, but they’d rather hide behind a ladies man reputation and gangster rapper image than to admit that they have a thing for men.
And it makes me wonder as a black woman…what the hell is the problem? Really?
There is a plethora of fine single black women out here and you’d rather get fellatio from an impersonator? How the hell are you a heterosexual male and you knowingly let another penis bearer service you? 
Screw that…you can’t even just admit the obvious, that you’re gay? Sure, coming out could affect your record sales and celebrity, but being downlow could affect your MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP.
Is this what they mean by money over b-tches? 
Got it.
You let another grown man put your penis in his mouth, but you’re still THE MAN? Oh, and still so much into women?
Spare us…please.
I understand we all must all make our own choices regarding our sexual lifestyles, but why can’t some black men (some famous and some not) be honest about their sexuality?
The worst part of all of this is not that there are some black men not into women, but that these secretly gay black men will continue to engage in relationships, and even marriages with women when they know deep down inside that they’d rather be screwing men. 
They will start a family and play husband, all while screwing other men every chance they get. Once their secret is revealed (as it usually is), an entire family must endure pain all at the hands of someone’s selfish choices.All of this could have easily been avoided if people would stop living for other people and acknowledge that their sexual preference is just that…theirs. I’m a firm believer that we all must make choices and endure judgment at the hands of our Creator when life ends, but it’s never acceptable to allow our own selfish desires to hurt others.
This behavior is just as low down as the heterosexual black men who engage in outside sex while  in committed relationships, who eventually contract STD’s because he refused to wear condoms while committing his selfish act of promiscuity. It takes a filthy, low down person to put someone else’s life at risk because they refuse to act responsible sexually. This irresponsibility is killing our people and destroying our families…rather it’s a downlow brother or a trifling heterosexual brother that can’t seem to understand that one penis doesn’t justify hundreds of lovers.
If you want to get head and screw another man, can you at least just stay true to that and leave all the black women who want healthy monogamous relationships with men who don’t lust for other men the hell alone?
Have these men forgotten that part of being in a monogomous, commited relationship means being honest and considerate of the other person? It’s hard to do that when you can’t even let your partner know your true sexual preference and allow them to make the choice of rather they want to be with you.
Is it too much to ask that you come to terms with your attraction to other men? Because you’re not helping anyone by living a lie and getting busted on the side of the road somewhere getting head from some male, female impersonating prostitute in broad daylight. 
Sure, it’s not going to be easy to admit you’re not who everyone thinks you are, but living a lie never ends well for anyone. Lies are always the pathway to destruction, yet everyone still seems to think they will be the one person to cheat karma. From a bilbical standpoint, there’s truly no way to get out of reaping what you laid down.
And you’ve been laying down men, while posing as a heterosexual man in front of the cameras and the entire community. 
If Mr. Cee’s business wasn’t plastered all over Media Takeout and the rest of the major urban blogs, he would have never came to terms with his sexuality. Usually when we do things in secret, it’s usually because we aren’t quite ready to face the truth–we’d rather have our faces splattered across the internet and our mug shots on every urban blog instead of facing the mirror.
What’s done in the dark and on the side of the street in broad daylight will come to the surface, but I’m sure more rappers and comedians have to get busted for the message to become clear.
Getting a blow job from another man is anything but heterosexual. Being in a relationship with the opposite sex, while screwing the same sex makes you…gay and extremely naive. It saddens me to think that just maybe there are way too many naive black men running around here posing as heterosexual men, hiding behind their thug image and plethora of “b-tches.”
The sad part of it all, is that we are to the point now where we have to damn near conduct background checks on who we get into relationships with. Women have to perform a series of checks and undercover research just to make sure that their man doesn’t have a man. 

All of this has become our reality because somewhere down the line, we just got so damn selfish and ignorant about sex. Most of us don’t respect sex, don’t respect our bodies, our relationships, or other people; so, can any of us be surprised that we have gotten to the point where we can only hope our partners are who they say they are?  
Just maybe if everyone was honest…dating wouldn’t be so exhausting, deadly and absolutely terrifying.