So you get rid of the chemicals and pesky relaxer…only to find split ends and fairy knots are constant. Here’s how to have healthy ends without straightening.

By: Amanda Anderson

One of the main reasons I opted to go natural was so I could ultimately end up with healthy, thick, and gorgeous hair–something I haven’t really had in years. Most natural sistas have made the switch from chemicals to au naturel for the very same reason, so it’s quite understandable to find frustration in frequent split ends and those dreaded fairy knots. 
While some suggest hair straightening and frequent trimming should nip the unfortunate incidents in the bud, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one annoyed that hair straightening continues to be the most recommended solution to a lifestyle that is centered on no chemicals and less heat.
Annoyed and completely irritated with my hair, I became committed to finding a solution that didn’t involve using any heat or some expensive “natural” hair product that cost more than it’s truly worth (don’t we have a lot of those?).
Here’s what I discovered through a series of trial and error:
1. Split ends aren’t always a result of heat damage.
I have never used heat on my hair while enduring my natural journey. No, I don’t straighten, and I’m not even tempted to. And it’s not that I’m a natural hair Nazi, but more so that I’ve ruined my hair so badly in the past that I just refuse to take any risks that could take me back to that same dark place. So if it wasn’t heat that ruined my ends, well what was it?
That answer takes us to point number 2.
2. Split ends and knots can also be a result of dry hair.
I’m the moisture queen, but I made the huge mistake of believing that just because I frequently moisturized and did deep conditioning, that somehow my ends were completely taken care of. I couldn’t have been more ignorant.
Turns out your ends need their very own nurturing and conditioning. Pay extra attention to your ends daily.
So what worked for me and ended my split end blues?
Every night, I lightly wet my ends and apply coconut oil. Regardless of rather I braid, twist, or bantu knot my hair; I make sure my ends are dampened with water and moisturized with oil. I use coconut oil, but any moisturizing oil such as olive, avocado, and jojoba should work just fine.
My first night of doing this simple method yielded great results the following morning. My ends didn’t even look the same. You’ll see a big difference quickly.
It’s also important to trim your hair regularly. No, you don’t have to straighten your hair to trim, as damaged ends are very noticeable aside from our curl pattern. Clip damaged ends and don’t prolong your trimming. Damaged ends will always cause breakage and hinder hair growth, so pay close attention to the condition of your ends to prevent long term damage.