Does the hit sitcom have enough clout to become a box office hit?

By: Taren Vaughan

The HBO series Sex And The City had women all over the globe glued to their TVs. Whether it was keeping up with the unpredictable relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big or hearing about the “friendly” yet stylish Samantha Jones’ sex tales, the show took hold of viewers’ attention and never let it go. It created such a buzz that a genius mind thought it would be an instant hit on the big screen and it was, so much that a sequel soon followed.

The fabulous four were not the only ones putting out a successful show as another group of women became some our favorite “friends”.

Since its very first airing back in 2000, Girlfriends has made a name for itself as the Sex And The City for the sisters. Picking up where the popular 90’s show Living Single left off, Girlfriends lasted for eight seasons making it one of the longest running sitcoms ever. Aside from the record-breaking numbers that it drew in, the one thing that many people applauded the show for was its realism; the realism behind the characters and the things that they went through.

As fanatics were not at all looking forward to its last episode, it still remains a topic of conversation, even amongst those who were once apart of the cast.

The former Joan Clayton, the motherly one of the bunch, has spoken out about her willingness to pursue Girlfriends beyond the sitcom arena.

On her recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Actress Tracee Ellis Ross eluded to the fact that she wouldn’t mind taking the show a step further:

“I would love to do a ‘Girlfriends’ movie. I want to see Joan get married,”

She also longs to see Toni and Joan rekindle their damaged friendship too. It sounds like Joan is very much alive and well in Ross’ heart.

Be that as it may, Ross knows that the ultimate decision is not up to her:

“I think the fans have to ask for it,”

Could she be on to something here? Does Girlfriends have enough clout to make it to the big screen?

Reed Between The Lines may have her hands tied at the moment but I doubt that she would turn down the opportunity to do a movie like this.