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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we embark into a new season, we also embark into new fashion trends. And with each red carpet premiere for the blockbusters of the summer, fashion addicts are left to ponder on which looks will stick. And as of late, pajamas have made several appearances, with the help of one of music’s biggest fashionistas, Rihanna.

The Editor’s Take:

I try to be open minded with fashion, but I can’t see how wearing pajamas on the red carpet can be deemed stylish. Even in a pair of stilettos, Rihanna looks like she just hopped out of bed. I don’t care which big name designer signed off on these rags, I’m still highly disappointed that we’ve come to the point in fashion where rocking pajamas in public is acceptable.

I miss the short, black hair, cute short cut rockin’ Rihanna. Yeah she may be back to black tresses, but her style has been missing since the Chris Brown fiasco. I’m hoping she’ll cut off the silky weave and bring back the fierceness we all loved.

Until then, not even “Rebel Rihanna” can pull off pajamas…

Supermodel encourages wigs over weaves with upcoming wig line.

By: Taren Vaughan

Supermodel Tyra Banks has traveled down many different avenues in the fashion and entertainment industry. Posing in front of flashing cameras and taking trips down the Catwalk are things that Tyra knows ever so well and through America’s Next Top Model has strived to help aspiring models make a name for themselves in the competitive world of fashion. She has even held her ground well as a talk show host of a self-titled show. Her list keeps growing from year to year as she is constantly taking on new business ventures.

And now it is about to grow even more as it has been said that she is on the verge of launching a new wig line.

Banks’ inspiration came from her own personal encounters with her own hair. She has been said to be noticing changes in her hairline, which in turn is causing her to reveal her forehead more often:

“Tyra’s hairline has been inching back over the last few years, showing more and more of her forehead,” -source to National Enquirer.

Perhaps a tad bit self conscious about pushing those bangs to the side, Tyra Banks still gives off the “I am woman hear me roar” vibe when speaking to her female audiences about their appearance, especially Black women.

“Kiss my fat ass” still ring a bell?

As an African American woman, Banks knows firsthand the negative comments that often come our way about our size, style of dress and our hair. Rockin’ your God-given mane was not an acceptable option for sisters. But now times are beginning to change as more and more Black women are saying no to the “creamy crack” in a bucket.

Her support for natural beauty is apparent as she has relieved her own hair from weaves. And with Banks’ upcoming wig line, it seems to be promoting doing less damage to your hair while still adding a little something extra to it.

The wig line release date is not set in stone at the moment.

By: Taren Vaughan

Singer Keri Hilson has been applauded for her versatility when it comes to her wardrobe. Whether it be walking the Red Carpet in a pair of stilettos or wearing a pair of jeans and a pair of fresh J’s, the R&B hit maker can turn almost any piece of clothing into something pretty fab…well almost everything.

Hilson has recently been recruited as the new poster girl for Puma. And as we all know, Puma can’t hold a candle to other big name shoe brands like Nike, Adidas and New Balance as far style and durability are concerned. Even the long lost Reeboks are coming back in style. But they are bound and determined to get their sales up and decided that they needed to become a little more social:Link

Keri Hilson in Puma Social Video

Photo shoots, brief tidbits on her charity work, and hanging out with friends in the UK starring Keri sums it all up.

Didn’t entice me to hop in my car and go on a Puma spending spree after watching this.

And apparently, it didn’t tickle the fancy of her fans either. The Puma Social webisodes so far have gotten around a whopping 3,500 views on YouTube; 3,500 views compared to the millions of views for her musical performances, videos and interviews. They just weren’t feeling it.

It doesn’t seem like this stunt brought much hype to the form stripes at all. It’s not like she’s rockin’ a pair of retro Jordans. You could put the lamest artist in a pair of those and they would still sell with the quickness.

You would think having one of the top R&B chicks in the game to promo for you would be enough to push sales, put Puma in some real competition with the other hot sneaker brands on the market.

Truth be told, Pumas haven’t been in style for a minute now. And using the likes of a popular artist as a means to bring them back to life: epic fail.

By: Amanda Anderson

I always love when I get questions on what the celebs are rocking at the latest premieres and award shows. So recently, I received a request about singer Ciara’s shoes at The Karate Kid premiere. Since fashion is what I live, I have no problem digging around to let you know who your fave celebs are wearing. Here’s what I found in my inbox:

“Ciara has really stepped her fashion game up! A couple of days ago, I saw a few pictures of her attending the premiere of The Karate Kid. She was cute and laid back, but her shoes were the business! LOL! I can’t find out who designed her shoes. Can you find out for me?”- Nicole S.

Here’s the picture she was referring to…

So who is Ciara wearing?

Chanel. Ciara is rocking open toe Chanel lace up boots. These beauties made her casual outfit pretty fierce, didn’t they? I agree with Nicole, Ciara is maturing just like her music. The girl truly has a fabulous set of legs, doesn’t she?